About Us

Chorus Motors began working on the Chorus® technology in the early 1990s. Since then we have discovered a range of applications where Chorus can provide significant advantages over other motors. Principally, the ability to provide greater torque in a compact and more rugged motor and drive allows for drive solutions that are significantly smaller, lighter, and less expensive than any alternatives.

Chorus' Meshcon technology is like having two motor solutions in one! The Meshcon drive technology enables a motor to achieve very high torque even while operating at very low startup speeds, without sacrificing high speed operation.

Chorus Motors plc is a member of the Borealis Family of Companies, and is a majority-owned subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited, a technology development holding company. Both companies are publicly owned, and the shares of Borealis trade on the over-the-counter market in the United States, under the symbols BOREF. Borealis is a fully reporting issuer on the Main Board of Prague Stock Exchange, under the Symbol BOREY.

More information about Chorus can be found in the Corporate Information section of this site.

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